Spanish Culture and Language Courses

Semester Courses

Guided excursions, travels and social activities

Universitas Castellae organizes three guided weekend (one-day) field trips to various regions of Spain throughout the semester. Common destinations include local towns such as Salamanca, Segovia or the “Ruta del Mudéjar”. Specific destinations are subject to change from one semester to another.

Classes are held during the morning in order to allow for free time in the afternoon, when students can use the Internet, converse with native speakers, visit museums, travel to neighboring villages, or go to the theater, movies, and coffee shops.

Universitas Castellae considers the entire city a classroom. It is commonly recognized that the best way to acquire cultural knowledge is to apply material learned in class to daily life in the city.  As a consequence, students will be encouraged to engage in a wide offering of extracurricular activities, through which they will learn about aspects of Spanish culture and become aware of their increasing fluency in spoken Spanish.