Universitas Castellae


Universitas Castellae’s curriculum for international students features a wide selection of upper-level undergraduate courses (the equivalent for 1000 to 5000 courses). It includes advanced language, literature, art, history, culture, and sociology, as well as other subjects. Courses are developed and modified according to students’ level of preparation and any special needs they may have to ensure advancement in critical thinking and maturity of expression. In addition to attending regular classes, qualified students may choose to work on an independent project or do an internship under the supervision of a mentor. Depending on his/her interests, each student may select the courses he/she would like to take (See Course Descriptions ).

Semester Programs

Universitas curriculum features a wide variety of upper-level undergraduate courses including advanced language, literature, art, history, culture and sociology. The courses are developed to ensure advanced critical thinking and maturity of expression and are modified according to students’ levels of preparation and need.

Students can choose a maximum of five courses and/or an internship. Internships consist mainly of two options: volunteer cooperation with public and private local institutions, and teaching English in local schools (Primary and Secondary Education).

Independent Studies

A wide variety of independent projects are offered for students with a high level of language comprehension. These research projects are completed under the guidance of the Universitas Castellae professional team. Interested students are given the opportunity to take additional courses not included in the general curriculum and receive appropriate academic credit towards their particular major. Independent studies are always complemented with tutorials.

Tutorial Programs

Because foreign students face both language and cultural barriers, the program has been designed to accomodate their academic, social and cultural needs in the best way possible. Each student meets regularly with one of the Universitas Castellae professors – a personal tutor who helps solve the student’s academic problems as well as facilitates his/her adaptation to the foreign culture.


Universitas Castellae, following the new Curricular Plan of the Cervantes Institute and in accordance with the MCRE, offers the following courses and levels:


A1, A2 (B1 will also be offered for students with sufficient mastery of the language, who wish to improve their proficiency, with the same program).


B2 (for students with sufficient mastery of the language who want to improve their proficiency) and C1 and C2 (for students competent in the active use of the Spanish language, who wish to consolidate their mastery of Spanish).

Designed for students who have substantial command of the Spanish language, this level allows the student to choose the subjects he/she is most interested in, completing up to four daily hours of classroom instruction