Learn Spanish with Universitas Castellae



To experience Spanish life firsthand, our students live with carefully selected and evaluated Spanish families to ensure complete immersion in the Spanish language, culture, and traditional social environment. Universitas Castellae will provide the student with information about their host family upon acceptance into the program. Every effort is made to meet the needs and expectations of both parties.

Homestay accommodation includes three daily meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – as well as weekly laundry service. Students can choose between a single or double room with the following prices:

CourseSingle RoomDouble Room
International Course in June952.00 €840.00 €
Intensive Summer Course1,428.00 €1,247.00 €
International Course in July714.00 €638.00 €
International Course in August714.00 €638.00 €
Methodology Course714.00 €638.00 €

Medical and accident insurance

During the summer courses, students have the option to purchase medical and accident insurance with the company MAPFRE at a price of:

International Course in June80.00 €
Intensive Summer Course100.00 €
International Course in July70.00 €
International Course in August70.00 €
Methodology Course70.00 €


Payment Methods

To reserve a place in the program, the total cost of the course must be paid in advance. Payment dates are non-negotiable and full payment must be made before students can attend the courses.

Payment is to be made from the UNIVERSITAS CASTELLAE account

International Banking Account – Number (IBAN): ES93-0075-5707-1506-0003-0039

Bank Identification Code (BIC): BSCHESMM


In order for the reservation to be effective, the total amount of the course fee (classes and accommodation) must be paid in full.

Students who decide to withdraw from the program before it begins will recover 50% of the amount paid.

Once the course has started, the student will only be entitled to receive 50% of the cost of the accommodation that has not been used.

The commissions and expenses derived from the bank transfer will be paid by the client.

Payment can only be made in Euros.

For more details about payment, please see www.universitascastellae.es  or contact us at cuc@universitascastellae.es