Spanish Culture and Language Courses

Semester Courses

Students from U.S. universities should consult BCA, sole Universitas Castellae representative in the United States, for questions related to course offerings, program availability, and application forms:


Universitas curriculum features a wide variety of upper-level undergraduate courses including advanced language, literature, art, history, culture and sociology. The courses are developed to ensure advanced critical thinking and maturity of expression and are modified according to students’ levels of preparation and need.

Students can choose a maximum of five courses and/or an internship.  Internships consist mainly of two options: volunteer cooperation with public and private local institutions, and teaching English in local schools (Primary and Secondary Education).

Classroom teaching and learning usually takes place in the morning hours. This allows students time in the afternoon to engage with local native speakers, use the city as a language and cultural laboratory, visit museums and neighboring villages, pursue independent study projects and enjoy learning from the local culture by going to the theatre, movies, sports or music events. Our BCA Universitas program considers the entire city to be a classroom, and our intellectual and cross-cultural expectations for student involvement are high.

Overall, the BCA Universitas program curricular offerings are divided into three main areas:

1. Global Education

2. Hispanic Culture

3. Human Rights



Students may choose a maximum of five subjects from the following list:

  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish Phonetics
  • Hispanic Art
  • Introduction to Literary Studies: Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Literature (Middle Ages and Golden Age)
  • Spanish Literature (XVIII, XIX and XX centuries)
  • Latin American Literature
  • Spanish Culture
  • History of Modern and Contemporary Spain
  • Spanish Grammar and Writing
  • Conversation and Oral Expression
  • Spain and Latin America: Social and Political History and Human Rights
  • Mercosur, European Common Market and North American Treaty
  • Spain and Latin America: History of International Relations
  • Spanish Literature in Translation